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Free Culture Meeting

It’s been a while since the last Free Culture Dundee meeting.  Primarily because we’ve been focusing on other things (like our day jobs).

There’ll be a meeting tommorow (Thursday 30th November 2006) at Laings bar at 7pm.  As always, all are welcome.


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Free Culture Meeting this Wednesday

There’s another Free Culture Dundee meeting scheduled for this Wednesday (18th October). Again we’ll be meeting in Laings at 7:30pm. As always anyone who’s interested is free to attend. The agenda can be found on the Free Culture UK wiki.

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Free Culture at The DCA

Having previously had the pleasure of talking to Clive Gillman (Director of the DCA) I recently approached him with the aim of potentially getting the DCA and the wider arts community in Dundee involved in a variety of Free Culture projects. I suspected that Clive would already have been aware of the potential for such movements, but it still came as a timely surprise when I learned that the DCA was already organising a public research group to actively involve itself in this space.

Thursday 9th November

6pm – 8:30pm

Free just come along on the night.

It needn’t cost the earth to get hold of powerful, creative, digital tools. This meeting is aimed at bringing together a group to experiment with art and technology, and self-teach tools such as Korsakow, Pure Data, and Audacity. We’ll look at developments which allow for new ways of making and experiencing art: Open Source software, distributed creativity and interactive artworks.

Guests from Glasgow’s Openlab will share their approach to creative dialogue. Everyone welcome. [The DCA Guide, October – December 2006]

Simon Yuill, a programmer and artist involved in various Free Culture activities such as Glasgow’s Electron Club and Your Machines will be giving a talk. Given the quality of a previous presentation of his that I saw, it’s lining up to be an interesting meeting. Simon is also exhibiting spring-alpha, a Free Culture inspired art project at the Abertay University gallery, spring-alpha is a gaming/simulation project that makes links between the Free Culture ethos and allotments and old-fashioned self-sufficiency.

Needless to say we’ll be attending the event at the DCA, as we hope to involve ourselves with these exciting initiatives and hopefully develop a broader interest in Free Culture. I’d also urge anyone else who’s interested to attend.

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