Common Ends

Fostering creative culture in the commons.


We are a Free Culture Uk group dedicated to promoting free and open participatory culture. We are based in Dundee, Scotland, but our plans are global in scope. We aim to affect change on the local level yet influence it elsewhere. If you’re interested then wherever you are you should contact us.



  1. i live in Fife and am studying art at the moment i want to find a way to share with people who dont think they are artists like i used to think. some one gave me a bit of confidence and help a few years ago and since then ive progressed a lot. im not sure what your about but it sounds interesting and about empowerment ?

    Comment by sally | May 10, 2007

  2. Hi Sally, thanks for your comment. Yes, the idea of sharing is key to what we’re about. Copyright often tends to restrict peoples rights to use and reuse works. Free Culture and the Creative Commons are all about sharing things and granting additional rights to use artistic works.

    The concepts can seem a little tricky when discussed in the abstract, but they’re actually quite simple. A good series of introductory animations and videos can be found here to give you a brief idea about the whole thing:

    Comment by Rick | May 11, 2007

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