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Free Culture Meeting

We’re having another Free Culture Dundee meeting on Thursday 21st October 2006, at Laings Bar on Roseangle.  All are welcome to attend.  As usual, be sure to put any items for the agenda on the Free Culture Dundee Wiki Page.


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Free Culture Recruitment Poster

Most groups when they’re starting up need to recruit new members to their cause. Free Culture Dundee are no different, and are hoping to recruit artists, writers, musicians, film makers, technologists and anyone who’s interested in Free Culture or creating things.  If you’re interested in helping then you can email us at common[.]ends[@]gmail[.]com

Lawrence Lessig as the Statue of Liberty [Bound By Law - [BY-NC-SA]]

To help us out in recruiting volunteers to our cause, I mashed up a quick poster, with an cartoon picture of Lawrence Lessig as the Statue of Liberty from the excellent Bound By Law comic book. A comic introduction to Creative Commons licenses. The A4 poster was created in the great free software (GPL) desktop publishing application Scribus.

You can help us out by downloading a copy of the PDF, printing it and posting it all over Dundee, alternatively feel free to remix the poster as you see fit. The picture used in the poster (and shown above) is licensed by Bound By Law under a non commercial license, but feel free to alter the rest of the poster as if it were public domain.

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