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Free Culture Dundee (and Scotland)

The Common Ends project is proud to announce that we’re now a member of Free Culture UK. Free Culture Uk is an established grassroots movement promoting an open, participatory culture. This vision is shared by the Common Ends project, so rather than attempt to do what has already been done, we plan to follow their lead by adopting the Free Culture Uk constitution and following their objectives, as a local group. In addition to our already stated aims we now plan to work in accordance with the following objectives:

  • Draw on the resources, skills and experiences of Free Culture (Uk) members, to document the problems faced by free culture as well as their solutions.
  • Make and facilitate projects being made on free culture issues.
  • Acquire and pass on the skills required by free culture activists.
  • To create access to a skills and equipment pool for the projects the group makes.
  • Present interesting, thought-provoking free culture projects and exhibitions in pubs, clubs, community centres, cinemas and muddy fields across the country
  • Promote the distribution of free culture made by or in connection with Free Culture UK
  • Act as a point of contact and reference for campaigners and like-minded individuals
  • Collaborate with community groups in furtherance of our purpose and other objectivies
  • Develop and maintain an archive of grassroots political free culture activity.

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